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Our Manufacturing Plant  

  • Origin Garment Manufacture is a quality manufacturer of professional wearable, lab coats, pants, dress shirt, accessories and more. We constantly improve our manufacturing facility, inspire personal potentials and source best materials to bring products with high quality and competitive prices to our client.  

Origin Garment Manufacture

Our Manufacturing Team 

  • Currently,  our manufacturing team consists of over 100 machine operators, 20 account executives and we are all committed to your satisfaction.

  • Our QC team check throughout the production process: from cutting, sewing, trimming, ironing to final packaging. 


Our Services  

  • Sampling

  • Line Production

  • Material Sourcing

  • Cutting and Sewing

  • Dyeing - direct, reactive, pigment 

  • Effects - brush, scraping, oven, spray 

  • Prints - transfer prints, digital prints, screen prints

  • Embroidery - machine embroidery and hand embroidery

  • & More

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